• Over 3000 participants from more than 40 countries attended ICIF......ICIF 2015 Seminar Events: March 25-28 (Cambodia), June 23-30 (Italy), July 24-25 (Chongqing), Sept 26-30 (Italy)

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ICIF Worldwide

ICIF (International China Investment Forum) was established in 2002. Currently, ICIF has over 10,000 members in the association. Members of ICIF consists of Chinese Government linked companies, Private Companies and NGOs. The patrons of ICIF are Hampton Court Investment Bank, Hampton Court Holdings and CBIS.
The objective of ICIF is to promote and facilitate bilateral business, investment, trade and relationship between China and other countries.
To date, ICIF was organized in over 40 countries including: Argentina, Ecuador, Egypt, Cyprus, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Chile, Lithuania, Malaysia, Peru, Guatemala, The People’s Republic of China, UAE etc.
In the past 10 successful years running ICIF, we have receive Prime Ministerial and Presidential delegations, offer Economic Briefing, organize Presidential Delegation pre-departure seminar etc.
ICIF have several formats including: Conference, Conference + Exhibition, Senior Executive Seminar, Government Briefing, Post Conference advisory services known as “China Entry Services” and several “Visit China Programs”. These events range from 1-7 days and fees varies accordingly.
Each year, ICIF continues to explore organizing in different countries. If you did not see your countries listing and are interested to co-organize ICIF in your country, please write to us at cbs3321@126.com or cbs112@126.com